Mounties to the rescue

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Hundreds of guests arrived yesterday at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel from the USA, South America, Europe, Japan, China and Korea for Metlife VIP Alaska adventure. After hours of travel, our intrepid Mountie still got a fantastic reaction as he welcomed them to Canada. They got some laughs and fantastic photos to post!

Trump drops in…

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We love it when event organizers do the unexpected…like invite Donald Trump to drop by a Canada/USA festival at a great venue right on the border. They managed to keep the surprise a total secret, and it paid off big time with huge laughs. Trump went directly to the microphone for a hilarious speech on […]

Speakeasy at The Permenant

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Great event at The Permenant -a vintage 100 year old bank converted into a fantastic venue for public and private events. For this event, it was converted into a Roaring 20’s speakeasy, complete with The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band (through Total Entertainment Network). Everything went like clockwork; the guests arrived on vintage trollies to be […]

Indiana Jones rocked Burnaby!

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When Heights Merchant Association said this years Hats Off Day parade was Jungle theme, we came to an inescapable realization: we HAD to give ’em Indiana Jones being chased through the parade by a big rock with legs. Remember that first action sequence in Raider of the Lost Ark? It took a bit to build […]