Our Online Pub Trivia Offers Maximum Guest Interaction for Groups of 100-300!

Our Brand-new  creative offering for larger groups is our brand-now “Pub Trivia Night.  A night out at the pub is recreated for 100-300 guests, complete with pub background sounds, music and a great Scottish pub regular as your host: “Hamish McDuff”.

Guest will enjoy his off-the-cuff humour and charm as he and his Zoom tech assistant Danny welcome guests, break the ice, lay down the structure, and then off we go into round one!

Guests go in and out of their team breakout rooms as they discuss each trivia question and write down their group answer.  Even with larger groups, online guests will get to talk, laugh and compete as part of a team of 5-10 online guests.

Our share screen is much more than text questions – it gives guests a virtual pub with sound effects and all sorts of audio and video surprises.

At the end of each round, the team captain will DM Hamish or Danny their final answer list and wait to find out their final score – a great opportunity for event organizers to address the entire event group.

Your pub host will announce winners and reveal prizes. Guests leave this style of game fully socialized and smiling.


 Online Game Shows:  a variety of games – multimedia, great graphics, pop trivia focus (most popular with guests).

  • Small groups (5-30): $400
  • Medium groups (30-100): $700
  • Large Groups     (120-300): $850

Online Event Emcee:  All the things event emcees do.  Grab focus, welcome guests, warm up audience, intro speakers, run mini interviews of VIP guests, ice-breakers, highlight sponsors, keep guests posted on the event schedule, run charity auction component etc.

  • Small groups (5-30): $400
  • Medium groups (30-100): $600
  • Large Groups  (100-300) – $800

Event Emcee & Game Show Package:  For event emcee and feature game show. Includes event schedule you can send to your guests and an event program Power Point deck as event visual support

  • Small Groups (5-29): $650
  • Medium groups (30-100): $1,000
  • Large Groups     (120-300): $1,200

Online Event Production in Pro Studio Package

For online events with a guest list of 400-2000 that demand enhanced production value, our AV partners ready to go. Final pricing will depend on event details, but start at $5000


  • Streaming broadcast from pro studio using your chosen media platform
  • Dedicated ultra-fast internet
  • Pro lighting, sound, and camera
  • Tech support from seasoned professionals.
  • Game show
  • Event emcee


  • New game show from scratch with requested theme and content:  $350
  • Custom questions inputted into existing game show:  $150