Wild West

Black Bart has somehow become a federal marshal and deputized Two Toes. Now the “marshall” has decided to take over your professional group/company and impose new laws. He’s looking for deputees among your colleagues and figuring out ways to get all he can get from your accountants.

Wild West - marshall and two toes in jail

The climax: Your president/CEO or event VIP has finally had enough. In a dramatic show down on stage, Black Bart and your head honcho square off and take part in a hilarious shooting competition. When your big cheese wins, Black Bart concedes and hands his marshall’s badge over to your boss — to thunderous applause!

Wild West - group pose in front of jail

Our charcters are well-developed, with back-stories that will droaw your guests into their world. Guests are always eager to get photos and interact with Black Bart, “Two Toes” McGraw, cute-but-tough Annie the saloon girl and many more.

Wild West - group photo with guests outside

Our costumes are film-quality accurate. Our guns are authentic, blank-firing, historically accurate “peace-makers”. Our shooting contest is choreographed by stunt man and pro fight choreographer, Nick Harrison.

Wild West - photo op with guest

Wild West - group selfie

roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show, emcee, cops

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