Train Conductors

The Vintage Train Conductors break the ice and engage your guests at any event. Ideal for train station venues such as the West Coast Railway Heritage Park or Rocky Mountaineer Station, these dynamic characters greet guests as they arrive, establishing an exciting atmosphere before guests even set foot into the event. When the arrivals subside, the Train Conductors rove your event, facilitating interaction, lightening the mood and enhancing the style of the unique venue.

The Wisselstop Brothers

Lester and Norman Wisselstop worked as train conductors in the 1800’s until a bizarre meteor storm opened a rift in time and space, and the train they were on ended up in their future — our present. What are the chances?

Lester and Norman are simple guys that just have to keep working, so until someone gives them the sack, they’ll continue to work this station! They are delighted to tell the guests hilarious stories of Vancouver’s past and their lives working for the railway. They are also fascinated by the guests’ fashion and technology — especially those tiny little cameras, since they LOVE getting their pictures taken.

Mini Trivia Game Shows

Besides chatting with the guests and posing for hilarious photo ops, Lester and Norman conduct spontaneous trivia “game shows” with groups of guests. They quickly and easily put guests in mini “teams” (men vs. women works great). Your conductor will produce a push bell and ask great trivia questions about Vancouver, the railway and historical events. These trivia question can be custom-made to suit your event perfectly.

roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, emcee

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