Science-fiction icons

Our science-fiction icon characters are great ice-breakers that underline forward-thinking conference messages and bring out the inner kid in your guests.

Kirk Recruiting for Starfleet

“To boldly go where no one has gone before!” It’s a perfect theme for a conference, trade show or company event.

Captain Kirk can beam into your event to recruit for Starfleet and congratulate your group for choosing to join the United Federation of Planets. We can also send the dashing starship captain with whichever crew members you’d like — from Mr. Spock to cultural icon Lt. Uhura.

Star Trek trivia challenges with prizes make for a great buzz during a conference mixer. All characters come with quality props complete with lights and sound FX.

Darth Vader’s Keynote Conference Speech

Nothing would be a bigger surprise and delight at a conference than a “keynote speech” from none other than Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith!

Vader takes the stage, flanked with 2 film-accurate storm troopers, and delivers a speech about crushing your enemies without mercy — as well as getting advice on real-estate deals for his new Death Condo. When your real keynote speaker takes the stage, we will arrange for a hilarious (and easy to create) light saber battle between your VIP and Darth Vader, with your VIP defeating Vader and forcing him to retreat — until next time!

Your guests will be talking about it for months. And the photo ops? YEAH!

Our Darth Vader is complete with a state-of-the-art, custom-made costume -approved by the stringent guidelines of the Lucas-approved “501st Legion”, plus voice modulator and top-of-the-line light sabres!

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