Roaring Twenties

Inspired by Boardwalk Empire, these roving characters will transform your venue into a 1920s speakeasy, where the mob ruled, and night clubs were ready for an FBI raid at any moment! Your guests will be greeted by “the club’s” hostess and told the rules of the speakeasy. No fighting, no heaters, no hooch from outside. And if the coppers pay a visit, drinks go UNDER THE TABLE!

While your guests mingle, they’ll meet all the colourful characters of this Atlantic City club, including Micky, the bouncer, Babs the dancer, Danny O’Brian, the gangster with dreams, Sally, main squeeze of the big boss, and main character in Danny’s dreams. And finally, Cheech “Two Toes” Vanelli, the dangerous proprietor of the club.

It’s a blast to see guests drawn into the world of these characters as they make “deals” with mobsters, spread gossip and even break of romances!

roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show, emcee, cops

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