Red carpet reporter and paparazzi

Vintage Paparazzi give guests an exciting and glamorous welcome. The reporters and camera crew are wearing high-quality, historically-accurate costumes that make a fantastic first impression, adding to the high-quality professional feel of this dynamic and unique welcome.

This entertainment feature is slick, polished and loads of fun for your guests. Our actors are truly the best in the biz at making your guests feel like stars and getting the laughs started before they even step into the venue!

Our comedy material is appropriate, well-researched and extremely entertaining. Add to that the best improv actors in Vancouver, hand-picked from pro improv comedy teams with rave reviews, and you simply have the best red carpet entertainment available.

Our vintage cameras are retro-fitted with LED flash bulbs, so the paparazzi can use their flashes as long as they want without running out of flash bulbs or batteries.

Hollywood & Pop-Culture
roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show

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