Canadian Mounties of the RCCP

Mounties are true Canadian icons and a must for a great Canadian-style welcome. Our mounties are big, handsome, charming fellows brimming with friendliness and humour. They will pose with your guests, challenge them with fun Canadian trivia and get the best photos ever with your guests for Instagram and Facebook!

Comedy Arrests

Here’s an original feature for international events that will have your guests talking for months: choose VIP guests to get “arrested” by our RCCP (Royal Canadian Comedy Police)!

Mounties - emcee thumbs up - smallJust send us their “charges” before the event and our dashing men and women in red will march up and place your person-of-interest “under arrest”! With our talented comedy writers and semi-scripted material, the charges read out my our “officers” will get BIG laughs!

Boot Camp

On the heels of these hilarious mini-features, the RCCP officers will take the stage for Mountie Boot Camp. This fast and funny interactive stage show is the ultimate photo-op for American and overseas guests.

Sgt. York and Sgt. Pamplemousse bring 3 willing “recruits” to the stage and put them through a series of tests to determine if they have the “right stuff” to be the newest members of the RCCP.

They will be quizzed on Canada, taughed to talk like a Canuck and much more! It’s smooth, hilarious and will end up making the volunteers into the real stars of the show. Mountie Boot Camp is available in 30 minute format as well as a 10 minute compact version.

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