Marilyn Monroe lookalike

Barbara Beall is a world-class Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She’s a dead ringer for this beloved cultural icon. On top of that, because Barbara is a trained character actor, she’s mastered Marilyn’s character, voice and mannerisms.

Now add the fact that Barbara Beall is a gifted improv comedian, regularly featured at the Rio and Vogue Theatres in The Fictionals and The Critical Hits Show, her rendition of Marilyn is packed with wit, charm and seriously great comedy moments.

Because of her extensive and historically accurate Marilyn wardrobe,  you can have your own input into what you’d like Miss Monroe to wear to your event!

Barbara’s Marilyn is available for hostess, emcee, signature roving, and mingling.

Is it a VIP’s birthday? You can also book Marilyn to sing the scandalous “Happy Birthday Mister President” that Ms. Monroe sang for JFK in 1962!

Barbara Beall’s Marilyn Monroe is guaranteed to be the closest you’ll ever come to actually meeting Marilyn!

Hollywood & Pop-Culture
roving, quiz games, photo ops, mini-show, emcee

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