Book the most entertaining pirates you’ll ever meet for your event as rovers & greeters -guaranteed to transform your event with characters that people from every walk of life responds to with excitement and enthusiasm.

Roving and Mingling

Imagine the injection of energy, excitement and laughs into your festival when your guests are greeted by Captain Cannonball  and First Mate Ralph McQueasy, the loveable, side-splittingly interactive buccaneers. Add as many male and female crew as you want for a real pirate invasion!

Your guests learn that the infamous pirate ship, The Black Hurl has docked just off-shore from the event, and they’ve come to see if this place is worth plundering. As the two buccaneers mingle, though, the guests learn of the horrible fate of their crew: eaten by sharks, keel-hauled, forced ashore by peanut allergies — or even worse: teased for having a teddy bear. Arrr, ’tis evil. Pure evil!

Add that to photo ops, rapid-fire one-liners, hilarious sword-fighting lessons and other tests to see if the new arrivals are worthy to be pirate crew aboard the Black Hurl!

Pirating 101 Show

Pirating 101 is an interactive comedy with audience participation and volunteers on stage — a hilarious 30 minute team-builder comedy show designed to bond your colleagues and make ’em laugh. While the carefully selected audience members are on stage, they will each be taught the complex art of pirating, so that (if they pass each test) they will become licensed professional pirates!

The show opens with Ralph McQueasy spotting a British navy ship bearing down on them. He wakes Captain Cannonball to prepare to defend the ship — only to realize the entire crew has abandoned ship because of shoddy management and not enough rum. They need to train a new team fast!

Mike and Nick are experts at making sure that audience members called to the stage enjoy their time in the spotlight, and leave with their PPL (Professional Pirate License) , great photos and a ton of applause. This hilarious comedy is fun, fast & action-packed. Great for team-building events -or just plain FUN! 20 minutes and 40 minute versions of the show are also available.

roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show, emcee

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