Meet The Aristo-critics: The Marquisses Rene & Philippe Pamplemousse Du Maupassant, the twin dandies of the French aristocracy. They’ve been miraculously transported through time to grace your event with their fashionable presence. They are sincerely scandalized at how dreary haute couture has become. You can’t even find a gentleman in lace, much less a suitable wig and proper heels. And where is their makeup? How brutish! They all look like FARMERS!

This hilarious, surreal comedy duo adds vibrant colour to your event as they blast the boring fashion trends your guests are wearing, flirt with ladies and gentlemen, and highlight your fashion labels, lines and designers using humour, wit, and charm.

Watch them get your guests embroiled in their web of side-splitting gossip and intrigue. Add the British Duchess of Devonshire, a spicy aristocrat who finds it very hard sometimes to be a proper lady. The Duchess tutors your female guests on how to be ladies — and how to avoid getting caught!

This is an absolutely unique and highly effect infusion of fun and focus that makes your event truly memorable!

roving, quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show, emcee

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