Downtown Abbey

Unbelievable! Robert Crawling, Earl of Grantham, has uprooted his entire household — family, servants and all — to the new manor in downtown Vancouver. What a coincidence!  It’s the same venue that you’re having your event at! That means His Grace the Earl of Grantham, Mary, Matthew, and the rest consider your event to be a formal household visit.

You will be hosted with traditional British aristocratic grace, with pleasantries and small talk. Meanwhile their service staff, Thomas and O’Brian, Anna and Master Bates, will pour drinks, clear tables and give your guests the real and dirty gossip.  As the evening progresses, your guests will be drawn into a world inspired by the hit TV series!

Team-building opportunity

Want to take it up a notch?  Then book Murder At Downtown Abbey, a hilarious interactive murder mystery.  Your guests will form teams, mingle with the Downtown Abbey Characters, and suddenly witness the murder of one of the main characters!

In the next hour, they’ll be led by a hilarious version of Agatha Christie’s famous detective, Hercule Poirot, to solve the murder.  They’ll talk to each suspect from the Abbey and try to solve the crime!

Hollywood & Pop-Culture
quiz games, photo ops, period costume, mini-show, emcee, roving

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