Cirque de So-Lame

Bring the magic of the circus bigtop to your event with Cirque de So-Lame.

Ringleader Barnum O’Baily

Barnum O’Baily is everything you want in a classic, old-world circus ringleader. A tall, imposing showman with electric charisma.

A charming scoundrel with the ladies and a commander of attention for any event. Add top-notch pro improv comedy, fast one-liners and a film-quality outfit and what you get is the ultimate circus-style emcee!

The Salami Brothers

Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing Cirque du So-Lame‘s feature attraction, brought to you at amazing expense all the way from their village of 500 in rural Italy: it’s THE SALAMI BROTHERS!

These “twin brothers” will have your guests in stitches as they rove the venue screwing up routine after routine: tumbling, strong man, and death-defying stunts -all of which go horribly wrong. On top of the fantastic physical comedy, The Salami Brothers are a true improv comedy duo, drawing your guests into the fun with hilarious stories of their youth in “Babbeo” with their mama. They can riff on anything your guests give them and add the laughter to your event!

Zoltar the Fortune Teller

The mysterious Zoltar will read your fortunes, tell you about your past and grant your wishes. This hilarious comic fortune-teller character is played by a comedy improv actor with years of experience making guests at corporate events laugh and gasp with surprise as he “looks into their souls”.

Zoltar reads palms, palm trees, pom-poms, tea leaves, ice cubes in cocktail glasses, and the tabloids. He is also a “master hypnotist” so who knows what sort of havoc he’ll cause!

But Zoltar’s real magic is bringing groups of people together with laughter and quality on-the-spot entertainment.

Arts & Culture
photo ops, mini-show, emcee, quiz games, roving

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