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The Character Guys provides memorable and entertaining characters for your event. Energize your event with roving characters, event emcees, and shows. Choose from our catalog of popular themes and characters, or contact us to make a custom theme come to life.

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Characters – All characters offered on this website are tried-and-true hits with events just like yours. They are quick-witted, high-energy with lots of fantastic detail — the result of research, rehearsal and performance experience.

Costumes – Our costumes are guaranteed to be the finest quality available. Our pirate costumes are hand-made from one of the designers of Pirates of the Caribbean, our Mountie uniforms are pristine, our 18th century British naval uniforms were made by the same company that provided costumes for BBC dramas. Our props are of the same quality. So our look matches our performances!

Custom-made – If you have a specific character in mind that you need for your event, just drop us a line or give us a call. No doubt we’ll be able to create it for you. Some of our most popular characters were born out of necessity — that is, a client requested it, so we put it together. Which means, the longer we’re in business, the larger our list of characters becomes.

Feel free to contact us simply to bounce ideas off us. If you know what you want, but you’re not sure what would work and what wouldn’t, we’re happy to chat. With 15 years experience creating entertainment for events, we can come up with something right for you.


Mike Cavers

Mike has a fine arts degree in acting from the University of BC and has been working in the world of corporate entertainment for 20 years as a writer and performer of original live entertainment. He has done award-winning writing and performances for the TELUS 2007 & 2008 national sales conferences in Vancouver and Toronto, countless events for Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Sun Peaks, wrote and performed a two-man show for Yum Corporation and President Bill Clinton, Astrazeneca, Swiss Re, and many more high-profile companies. He designed and performed a live game show for the 2010 Olympics and is commissioned regularly by Telus Science World Vancouver to produce and perform in they feature live shows. His festival shows, Knight School and Pirating 101 (co-written by Nick Harrison) are often covered in the local print and TV media.

He makes regular appearances as comedy guests on The Rush, Shaw TV’s nationally broadcast entertainment talk show. Mike is currently a regular comedy feature on JR Country FM and spending any extra time he has co-writing and filming the comedy web series, Fools For Hire — a playful, tongue-in-cheek look at live entertainment in Vancouver.